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Boise Plaza

Area Address Building Status Architectural Style
Downtown 1111 W Jefferson St
Boise, Idaho 83702
Public Contemporary

The Boise Plaza, although not as tall as the other "skyscrapers" of Downtown Boise, had no reason to be when it was built, which was before any other skyscrapers were constructed in the Downtown area. Apparently, the small size of the building was also actually a favored factor during construction. Architects did not want the building to dwarf or sit anywhere close to the height of the Capitol building just northeast of the Plaza, so larger floor plates, being 55,000 square feet each, were used to give the building more width than height. According to the Ada County Assessor, the building is valued at $25,007,000 as of the 2007 county assessment. Inside the building there is a very nature-themed ground floor, with trees throughout the inside, and a large elevator hub that can take people to either a basement floor or any of the five floors above the entrance floor. Connecting the offices to the elevator hub on each floor are glass-sided bridges. Currently, there are seven owners occupying the Boise Plaza. Three of the seven tenants have ties to Boise Cascade: Office Max's legal department, Boise Inc. and Boise Cascade L.L.C. Boise Cascade L.L.C. has been the formerly prevailing owner of the building; they owned the entire building from the completion of its construction until March 2006. After March 2006, the building was moved from the ownership of Boise Cascade to Rafanelli & Nahas, a local real estate development firm.

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